A Letter From Our President

Greetings to Wisconsin Neurodiagnostic Society Members Kudos to the A-team from Neurotech who made all arrangements for the 2018 Annual meeting in Milwaukee, with special recognition to organizers Danielle Pierce and Jessica Pearson. Your diligence produced a delightful venue opportunity for fellow technologists to listen to stimulating speakers, earn CEUs, and network with other technologists. I never tire of hearing and sharing stories from other technologists. We can learn so much from each other. And Thank you to our vendors who sponsored the attractive display of food for breakfast, breaks and a delectable lunch spread. Lastly, we didn’t get powerpoints from all the speakers but soon will google dropbox what we have to those of you who were in attendance. I want to thank past-President Dan Kremmer for his time in the many behind the scene activities from typing up the ASET CEU rosters and mailing them in for credit, to his numerous emails to keep our Society on track and to his generous and humble support for my numerous queries such as “how do I update the website” or “what do I need to do now.” It was the last of several years of volunteer service for our past-Treasurer, Lesley Miller who kept up to date paying bills, making deposits, renewing web subscription, sending out membership receipts and in past years always assisted with the meeting registration. Thank you Dan and Lesley for your dedication. Please welcome Kathi Sawyer, President – elect and Nicole Dorn, Treasurer. They are very talented Technologists and bring years of skill and experience to the table. Thank you both for stepping up to the plate to build our Society. At the Annual meeting we talked about updating our Constitution and Bylaws as they relate to the ASET Chapter Bylaws. We have been meeting monthly as a group, reviewing both versions, taking the best of both and will present at our Annual meeting for a final acceptance vote. In the next ASET newsletter it will be announced that we are officially welcomed as Wisconsin Neurodiagnostic Society – A Chapter of ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society, Inc. At SSM Health where I work, we checked off the box for Chapter Membership and entered our new chapter name when it was time to renew our Institutional Membership. That means ASET will be mailing out a cheque to our Chapter for the dues so we will be paid up for the year. To be in line with ASET billing, we will likely adopt the Jan 1 – Dec 31 for the year. How does that impact if you paid in October? We’ll have to figure that out and it is under discussion. The 2019 Annual meeting of Wisconsin Neurodiagnostic Society will be Friday, October 18, 2019 at SSM Health – St. Mary’s Hospital, Madison. We got several good ideas for topics you might like and will start the planning stages this month and contact vendors. Apply now for time off and travel funds with your workplace. Mark your Calendars!

Feel free to contact me at: marcia.davidson@ssmhealth.com

Marcia Davidson 2/22/19

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